The Search Begins

This is where all begins. It is days like this that I wish someone had written a blog titled “A Search for God”, I wish I was not the author but the reader. A reader in search for God, a reader that is hungry and willing to do all that needs to be done to find God, and forever be by His side, in His hands were no one and nothing can snatch me out. I know why I want to write a blog like this, I know how it feels to yearn for God, to have that nudge in your heart that always tell you that where you are is not where you are supposed to be. I don’t know how to call it, really it is just this emptiness, that hole in your soul and spirit that nothing or no one can fill, and you know, you just know that no matter how you try to avoid that or how you try to fill it up, it will never be filled. You tried everything you could to try and fill it. You prayed, you fasted, you had someone pray for you, but still it is there, sometimes it goes away for days, sometimes you feel like yes I got it, yes I am close to God, yes I found Him, but then after a week it sneaks up again, you don’t know how you got hungry so fast. You don’t know when and how you vomited out the food you ate the whole week. You feel empty and hungry again. You look back, try to trace your movements, your prayer life, you don’t know where you went wrong. My God what happened? What did I do that I was not supposed to do? What did I not do that I was supposed to do? Did I not pray enough? Did I not read your word enough, what happened? Will I ever find you Lord, how must I seek you? How do I do it with my whole heart?

This is my journey, this is my search and the blog is dedicated to you my friend who share the same search. Lets take hands and we go together, what I went through might just encourage you. And God is faithful, Him who began a good work in us will complete it and he promised to lot leave us and forsake us. It took me years to believe the word and live it out. Letting the word work in me and draw my heart to my gentle Savior.

At the end He sought us and chose us and drew us to Himself…..

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