Smarter than my feelings

I was thinking what to call the title of my post today since I am so excited about sharing what I went through this morning between my emotions and my thoughts. For a long time (years) I have been struggling to get my act together. You know we have dreams for our lives. How we want to grow as a wife, mother, employee/employer and also spiritually as a daughter of God. It is very easy to dream, believe me dreaming does not require effort. You can dream using your mind not lifting a muscle in your body. The challenging part is to live out your dreams. Proverbs 12:11 said the one who works his field will have plenty, but whoever chases day dreams lacks wisdom. We will never achieve anything in life if we don’t dream. Any goal, service or product was first an idea in someones mind before it came to be. God had a thought in His mind before he created the world. He didn’t just said “Oh lets create the world”. I believe he had all planned out nicely. How everything will interact, how things will be interdependent, which colours to give to different butterflies, flowers birds, my favorites are parrots. (I just had to include a picture of them, are they not amazing?). It takes a hand of a designer to design and create something like this.

Image result for parrots images

Well, God had an idea, a thought a dream and he had a plan. Dreams without wisdom to act upon them are daydreams, someday you will wake up and realize that it was just a good dream. Now we need action, we need to work our fields like the writer of Proverbs put it. I need to get back to my title “Smarter than my feelings”. Two days ago I decided to wake up little bit early to read. You must understand waking up early is one of those impossible missions of my life. I think I was born sleeping! So to wake up even 10 minutes before necessary is a battle and a half. So I decided to wake up for the millionth time in my life. When I was single and childless I did my reading in stillness, but when I got married and had children I found it difficult to read with so much noise and movement around. So I had high expectations about how I am to do reading and quite times (they are quite times after all). The enemy knew, and my emotions also knew how easily I get irritated by disturbance during these times. And one more thing is now I have someone sleeping with me who doesn’t know how to lay still and my precious God given sleep is disturbed, which even make the mission impossible more impossible to get out of bed early. So this morning my lovely husband could somehow not sleep and I set my alarm to get up at 5 am. Even before that time my sleep was disturbed and it took me 35 min to get my energy together to finally get out of bed. Worst of all I got up with a headache! So I, without saying a word, or showing my irritation (as I used to) prepared myself to read the Bible. I got thoughts screaming at me “Say something, tell your husband how irritated you are”, and I would have gladly do that, but instead I chose not to. I knew if I do, I will spoil my reading time, and ruin such a beautiful morning. I, my friends was  smarter than my feelings, and believe me the headache left me while I was reading. I know if I could have succumbed to my feelings I could fueled that horrible headache, and I wouldn’t know what to write about. Let us be wise, our dreams (even to wake up early) need a great deal of effort and wisdom to become a reality. The Lord will not leave as alone but will surely help us to accomplish them all if we are lot lazy to work our fields.

Till we meet again, may His peace keep us and lets keep dreaming and working our fields, harvest is not far.

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