A letter to myself

Dear Casey,

I am writing this letter to let you know that I am glad to finally meet you. I have been waiting for so long for your invitation and when you remembered and called me out it was the joyous and most liberating sound I have ever heard. I want to tell you that you are never alone, please know and understand that. Nothing no one did, does or does not do will ever kill the person you are. Whatever is done, no matter how you perceive, it will help you write your story, more better and better each time. It does not matter whether the world sees you, your worth is never stripped from you. And remember the world does see, and the universe receives your resonance in ways you are never aware of. Have a little faith and just keep vibrating. Someone on this planet needs you. They need you to fight, they need you to keep calling yourself out. Call to the deep and deep will respond and birth you. My sweet Casey, open your eyes and see me. I am here. I was always here. And if no one notices, I do. And I love you. Love me.



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